Clash Royale Clone, Hit in Just a Week

Fake Clash RoyaleClash Royale is a newly released super hit game developed by Supercell. Its quite surprising that a Chinese company has already managed to clone Clash Royale. All of its basic features, gameplay & interface are fully identical to the Supercell’s Clash Royale. Well, to be frank it was expected, but the speed of it is quite surprising & unbelievable.

Supercell had to put Clash Royale on soft launch to test all the features to be fully functional. Well, that might have given the fake developers some head start to focus on the clone. This isn’t a pleasing event for Supercell, but to be honest that doesn’t even matter. This cloned game will not be able to get much of an audience.

These screenshots show the comparison between the original Clash Royale & The Cloned Version. It clearly shows from the screenshots that the art work has been converted into a medieval Chinese theme on the cloned version, while Clash Royale itself has European-style fantasy art based on the Clash of Clans franchise.

fake clash royale fake clash royale fake clash royaleImage Credit: Toutiao