Clash of Clans New Dark Troop – “Bowler”

Supercell brought a new Dark Elixir troop, “Bowler” to Clash of Clans on the recent update of 21st march. Bowler looks like a bluish & taller version of Goblin, holding a boulder. It is the first Clash of Clans troop that strikes twice, after hitting the first target the boulders of Bowler bounces of to a new one on straight line.


Stats for Maxed Bowler(lvl3)


  • Bowler costs 130 Dark Elixir for lvl1, 150 & 170 Dark Elixir for lvl2 & lvl3 respectively.
  • 120,000 Dark Elixir is needed to upgrade the bowler to lvl2 & 200,000 Dark Elixir for lvl3.
  • Researching time for lvl2 bowler is 10 days & 14 days for lvl3.
  • Bowler’s hitpoint is 320 at lvl1, 350 at lvl2 & 380 at lvl3.
  • Lvl7 Dark Barrack(TH10) is required to unlock the Bowler.
  • Lvl8 Laboratory is required to upgrade bowler to lvl2 & lvl9 Laboratory for lvl3 Bowler.