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New Clash Royale Update – MIRROR THE CLONE SPELL!?

Clash of Clans New Dark Troop – “Bowler”

Supercell brought a new Dark Elixir troop, “Bowler” to Clash of Clans on the recent update of 21st march. Bowler looks like a bluish & taller version of Goblin, holding a boulder. It is the first Clash

Clash Royale Clone, Hit in Just a Week

Clash Royale is a newly released super hit game developed by Supercell. Its quite surprising that a Chinese company has already managed to clone Clash Royale. All of its basic features, gameplay & interface are fully identical

Clash Royale New Balance ( 19th February, 2016)

A core design philosophy of Clash Royale is “offense over defense.” Gameplay based on attacking rather than defending is much more enjoyable to play and entertaining to watch. With this in mind, Supercell is making a few

Clash of Clans is now open for Developers!

The Clash of Clans developer website is now live at Access Clan Search, Global and Local Leaderboards, Clan and Player Profiles and Leagues. More to come soon!